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Alive Big Event! And stuff…

back soon holiday adSo we are now into the 3rd holiday of the year…scary…

That being said (typed), we are on break until the 24th! (as seen in above picture).

So! This is a look-back at what happened at Alive in the last while! And by ‘last while’ I mean the last few centuries! And by ‘last few centuries’ I mean the last few weeks! Anyways…

Notice the hight!


Notice the epic falling face!

Yes. We had a pillow fight night at Alive! What did we do? We had pillow fights of course (hense the title). “But pillow fights are boring” you might be thinking. Ha! This is where I give a deep chuckle and mention the ‘almost’ 2 meter high pole thing on which the younglings smacked each other senseless with my pillows (yes, they were mine…emphasis on ‘were’).

Epic social time!


Our LONG AWAITED Alive Big Event happened on the 26th of September! We officially welcomed the grade 7’s to Alive. We gave away awesome CD’s, had a great Talent Show, enjoyed a musical performance by a bunch of random people and watched a really epic video on Lecrae’s (Radical Christian rapper) testimony!

Well done to The Other Guys for winning the Talent Show! You guys should keep up the skillful musicalness which melted our faces with it’s awesomeness!

Haha! hahaha! haha! ha! Laughing is awesome. #fact
That smudge is probably the photographer’s finger. #themoreyouknow

The 4th Term!

So! We’re heading into the 4th Term of the year, and there’s so many things to look forward to! Some of which I’ll mention here.

Connect Groups!

Connect Groups are shuffling, and we’re moving around to reach across the city to make it easier for you guys to get to one! Come to learn about really awesome stuff and spend a really great time with awesome people! Also, there is food. That’s right. Sold.


Seriously guys… you don’t want to miss out on Summercamp… Like, I’m not even, like, kidding…Summercamp is awesome! If money is your problem, come talk to one of the leaders! We will whip out our wallets and pay for you! Just kidding. Even though we’d totally be prepared to do that for you guys (#fact), we have really cool people in Church who actually sponsor us so that we can get you guys to Summercamp! That’s right, even the adults know how awesome it is. So we want to see you all there!

Everything else!

We here at the Alive offices (totally a thing) are constantly working on really cool things for you guys, like, it’s literally what we do for a living! So you guys should expect awesome things! “What awesome things?” you must be thinking… Well! Things like Beach invasions, Rave parties after school, epic movie marathons and more! We want to know what you guys want to do, so that’s where you guys come in, we want to hear your awesome ideas! If you guys want to have a rave in a hot air balloon at 1am on a Tuesday morning while floating across the city and throwing money out to help the homeless…then let us know! At least one of us here in the office will totally think it’s the best idea ever and try make it happen. #fact


Please pray for Alive, that God will keep us aimed at His great plan for us, and that we will be a shining light in the city of East-London. Thank you God for everything you’ve done for us and everything you will still do for us and through us!


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