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Alive! by the grace of God

IMG_0769Equanimity. Have you ever heard of it? Simply put, it’s being calm and composed even in a difficult situation

In the last few weeks, we really got the chance to practice equanimity as we followed time on it’s journey through Holiday Club and Mission Trip.

‘Why is that?’ you may ask!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s been amazing!

However, it was probably the craziest, most chaotic and most tiring few weeks anyone can ever experience! Without God’s grace and His providence of equanimity, I don’t think any person would have been able to get through Holiday Club and Mission Trip.

Holiday ClubIMG_0328 IMG_9986

Weird Animals! Imagine hundreds of kids, loud music, excited high-pitched screams, games, snacks, crazy outfits and snakes. Now add that to the pot, with some sore muscles and heavy eyelids for some flavour. Mix it all together and serve it as a dish called Holiday Club.

We had about 80 of our Students involved in serving the children (and their parents) of East London.IMG_9797

It was amazing to see how God worked in the lives of the kids! Relationships were built, kids had a great time, and kids went home sharing the stories of the days happenings with their parents!

Mission TripIMG_0843

Only a short week after Holiday Club, we left for Fort White, accompanied by Gonubie and Cambridge Baptist Churches.

OIMG_0782ur goal for the week was simple and set! In the morning of every day we would run a Holiday Club program for 200 of the kids from the surrounding villages, and then we’d do some simple manual labour.

HIMG_0681owever, we found ourselves in need of God’s grace and equanimity as soon as things got started! Suffice it to say, sharing a message to kids who don’t understand your language…is hard! We had translators to help us with that, and some understood a bit of English, so we had that going for us, which was nice!

The ‘simple’ manual labour was, well, quite energy consuming! Sanding doors and window sills, varnishing doors and window sills, cutting grass and blue-gum trees, cleaning toilets, kitchen duties (for the ladies) (just kidding) (but for reals though), pulling a trailer like oxen and pulling a billion tonne log across a field.IMG_0716

Other happenings

Kerri, Dane, Hammy (known by a select few by his otherworldly name ‘Werner’) and Shaun had the pleasure of going on the Young Adults camp at the expense of missing the first Alive night of the 3rd term.

IMG_0819The camp was amazing and really provided a place to relax a bit after the crazy weeks that had passed by.

The camp speaker, Wikus, shared a selection of really moving messages, which held quite a lot to take away from camp, one of which has been used in this entry actually. He spoke about how we sometimes don’t know how we’ll ever get through a certain thing, or in our case, Holiday Club and Mission Trip. However! Even though we feel so weak and drained, we get through those crazy times by the grace of God! What made it even more awesome was the fact that it was so blatant that God’s grace was at work in the previous weeks!

In other news! Alive is in the process of a new structure for the way forward, which is really exciting! After brainstorming and planning, we’ve noticed the need for a change and we are now moving towards new things to introduce the love of Christ to the many youth of East London!

The Way ForwardIMG_0218

And now that one of the busiest times of the year has passed, we can all look forward to the new things that time brings closer to us. It’s going to be an exciting year ahead! With things like GLS, Summer Camp and Alive’s new plans!

IMG_0827By the amazing grace of God, and in the hope of bringing more people to meet Him, we will tackle everything ahead of us! We also have equanimity (procured from the last few weeks) which will prove useful in future happenings!

Author: Werner Breytenbach


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