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Alive! Come for the fun, stay for the…Truth!

936full-would-i-lie-to-you-screenshotWould I lie to you?

Of course not!

…Unless I get points for it, because points are awesome. duh.

So yeah! The last two weeks of Alive! have been quite boisterous, to say the least. But as you all should know, when it comes to words, I can never say the least, so lets look back at the happenings of times past in great and vivid detail. Get comfortable. For reals.


Would I Lie to You?10628371_940875575928880_7982980447814228666_n

At Alive! we hosted a game-show called Would I Lie to You?

Simply put : It’s a game with Two teams of Three, and a Host. Each person has a card in front of them containing something about them, but it could either be true or a lie. They have to make it seem like the opposite of what it is, as the other team gets a point if they can tell if it’s a lie or the truth. Super simple stuff.

The teams were :

  • Roger Curran (guest), Werner Breytenbach (Leader) and Matthew Clur (also known as Peter Dinklage)
  • Shaun Gunton (He has a ginger beard), Dane Smith (Leader) and Dylan Cool’n’tahl (He’s a DJ)

Let’s not forget our whimsical host, Adam Ball (He owns an Hawaiian shirt, he’s totally an undercover detective)

I’m proud to say that my team lost, which, if you look at the grand scheme of things, is a good thing as it means that my team lacked the ability to lie very well. Go team! Well done to Dane and his team for winning. (cough cough)

LAST WEEK at Alive!10646912_940876062595498_3434734312807750462_n

Interview with Dane and Kerri Smith.10620586_940875845928853_4069296202884276310_n

Adam and Dylan (the MCs of the Super-Cool-Interview-Talk-Show) decided to interview Dane and Kerri Smith, in which the younglings of Alive! learnt more of their two parents (figuratively) who are to become parents (literally). I sincerely hope you followed that sentence, as I am quite proud of my wittiness therein. But yeah! Kerri now has a human leeching off her resources. He/She already has a whole array of exciting potential names awaiting his/her arrival! (Batman being the most favoured)

Saturday CHILL DAY10612666_940876722595432_9111397309111458771_n

On Saturday a whole bunch of us infested Dane & Kerri’s house. It was great! We spent the day singing, dancing, playing board games, playing PS games and eating anything we could find. It was really awesome being able to just chill out and enjoy the company of others.


The SBC Soccer team has been doing well! We have a full team with a good number of subs on the side. This being said, Loyiso Dingiso (I think it goes without saying he loves soccer) (no racial stereotypes intended) has brought the Soccer Ministry (it’s totally a thing) up well, and we’re even getting a new kit!

Author’s note! or whatever :

It’s been an amazing two weeks! And God has really been at work in our youth ministry! Last Friday at Alive! there was an amazing response from the youth. Worship was intentional and 6 young people decided to cross the line of faith and give their lives to Jesus. Not only was it amazing to see the youth really coming before God, but it also gave the Alive! leaders the chance to realize how important their work is! I pray that God will continue working through the leaders, that we will let God work with the youth through us.

If you want to see more photos, and I know you totally do! then click here! (not a virus)


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