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Alive! MC interview-off!


Interviews? Yes, Interviews!

‘But Interviews aren’t fun, on the contrary, they are actually quite boring!’ you would say, with which I would quite wittingly reply :
‘Ah, yes, well, that may be the case! But we aren’t just any normal interviewers…’

That’s right! The last two weeks have flown by, leaving us with only our memories, a few photos, a questionably average quality video, and this account thereof!

MC interview-off!

Shaun and Hammy
Gangsters Hammy (left) and Shaun (Right)

Shaun and I (Hammy) decided that we would take a break from feeding younglings an array of questionably (I like this word) edible dishes, and that we’d try out the whole ‘Interview’ thing, as it seems to have been doing well on the telly.

So! Without much of a thought, we set off with the idea of interviewing the ‘other’ MCs.

This went really well (kindof), and we got to ask them a whole tasty number of questions before throwing them into the deep end of the metaphorical pool by asking them to display their prodigy-like talents on the six-stringed objects that they so vigorously shred in order to bring pleasure to our earlobes!
It goes without saying, they displayed much skill and got a good few generous seconds of applause. Good on yah mates!

Shaun and I walked away from the night, chests out and heads high, knowing that we had matched up to the bigshot interviewers of our time like Ossie Osborne and Frank Sinatra.


The ‘other’ MCs

Twas but sevenfold a day later…bash! the ‘other’ MCs (Namely Dylan Carl Kuhqwefsdsdfsdfsdf and Adam Paolo Ball) showed up with a twinkle in their eyes!

They got up on stage and displayed great works of well structured Graphic Design and impeccable Photoshopping skills which captured the eyes of every observing youngling.
Personally, Shaun and I went up onto the stage and were thrown aback by their quintessential questions!
However, we answered their questions with stamina and grace, and we were then asked to display our Drum and Bass skills (or as we say in our Ghetto Gangsta culture, our D&B skillz).

Shaun and Hammy in U2
Hammy (left), Bono (middle) and Shaun (bassist) rocking it out.

Shaun and I knew we had to do what we could in order to not display our complete surprise at the quality of interviewing extravagance which was being displayed by the ‘other’ MCs, so we D&B’d like never before, and procured respegh (respect in Ghetto) from our homies in the crowd.

Well done on the ‘other’ MCs, for your exceptional Interviewing skillz.

Connect Groups!


We are indulging in the sweet sweet nectar that is Apologetics.

‘Apologetics?’ you may be wondering, ‘Learning how to apologize?’
‘Ha ha ha’ I chuckle as I stagger through my mind to try find the correct wording in order to not confuse you but rather to enlighten you about Apologetics! (my lack of commas in that sentence…*deep breath*)

Apologetics is reasoned arguments or writings in justification of something, typically a theory or religious doctrine… At least, that’s what Google says it is.

I understand it as getting answers to the difficult questions that people ask so that, in turn, we can answer them instead of making up random things on the spot! (I don’t speak from experience… psssh…)

So yeah! As you can see…hear?…read! Apologetics is super awesome and honestly, it’s got my attention, which is really saying something because my attention doesn’t stay on one thing for too long at a time. Yeah..

and that’s what we’re doing at Connect groups! 😀

Upcoming events?

There are quite a few upcoming events upcoming! (haha…)


GLS is quite soon, and I beseech every person with any kind of leadership role to be totally keen for this!

Summercamp is metaporically around the corner! Which is great!
Because Summercamp is awesome! You will be hearing about Summercamp quite a lot over the next few months! Weeks? Days!

Roadtrip 2014 slide

Matric Roadtrip… if you’re in matric you will not want to miss out! Seriously! It’s going to be really chilled, but at the same time, melt your face off with its total awesomeness!

And lastly!

The Big Event! is coming up soon, so be super keen! It’s going to be like a super energetic and epic night, like an Alive Night, but on steroids… heavenly steroids… duh. It’s going to be big!

Author’s note! or whatever :

The year is flying by rather quickly! But there is still lots to look forward to and I’m keen to see what God has in store for us in the next few months! It’s going to be rad!


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