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SBC The Ridge: 9am

Sunnyridge, have you met God?

Last night was session three of our Introducing God course, held in Sunnyridge.  The course is a platform for people who want to know more about God, or have questions about Church, or even for people who have general questions about life, purpose and eternity. It has been great to spend time with the guys attending and […]

Alive! MC interview-off!

Interviews? Yes, Interviews! ‘But Interviews aren’t fun, on the contrary, they are actually quite boring!’ you would say, with which I would quite wittingly reply : ‘Ah, yes, well, that may be the case! But we aren’t just any normal interviewers…’ That’s right! The last two weeks have flown by, leaving us with only our […]

Journey to Glory

92 Ladies enjoyed a “pit stop” on their Journey to Glory at the Haga Haga hotel from 15-17 August. Some may have driven in feeling like the journey thus far had taken its toll, but our dynamite in a small package speaker, Anthea Francis, soon had us feeling hopeful as we reflected on our past […]