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BOOM! Alive Extreme Week


We had a crazy week of fun filled counter-cultural community building activities
that the Alive guys and girls enjoyed throughout this strange and obscure school holiday week.

IMG_9346 IMG_9359


Tuesday was meant to be “Invade the Beach” day where we were going to head to the beach, set up a sound system to play some beach jams and give out free ice lollies to everyone on the beach.  We wanted to do this to show the East London beach goers that we love them.  Unfortunately, on Monday night, the weather said that it would be cold, wet and windy which meant that at the last minute we needed to change plans.  Tuesday came and the weather was beautiful.  Bleak times!  But we went ahead with our change of plans.  We went Geocaching!  For those who don’t know what Geocaching is — the outdoor sport or game of searching for hidden objects by using Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates posted on the Internet.  This was such an awesome opportunity to stand in the amazing creation of God and marvel at the wonders He made.  We had an amazing time together, starting at James Pierce Park and then working our way along the Nahoon Point Nature Reserve (NPNR) trail.  It is a really beautiful trail, and we really had a great time getting exhausted together.  Dylan and Adam got themselves lost , however, through great use of technology (shout as loud as we can) we managed to find each other in the end!  We got back to SBC and drank a can of soda quietly together as we contemplated the good times IMG_9368had and the feeling of impending doom as heart rates began to return to their normal rhythm (this word has no vowels).

Matric Braai

That night we hosted a Matric Braai!  About 15 Matrics come through and we had a fantastic time eating meat and sharing our hearts about our futures and praying for each other as the guys head into exams.  These guys have some bright futures ahead of them and we are excited to see how God is going to use them in the future.

Wednesday was a busy day for the students (male and female alike) as we headed into the Alive Girls Slumber Party and the Alive Guys LAN.
Kerri ran the Slumber Party and Shaun and Dane ran the LAN.

442Girls Slumber Party

The Alive Girl’s Slumber Party can be described in one word, chocolate… There was chocolate brownies, chocolate cupcakes, chocolate steristumpies, slabs of chocolate & chocolate cereal… Basically, all the essential elements of a great girls night! Throw in some popcorn, a few chick-flicks, nail polish & a foot spa and you will have a good picture of how our night went! All together, a night well spent in great company! Can’t wait for the next one!

IMG_2054Guys LAN

[Firstly, I apologise for the poor quality picture – this is a testament to Shaun’s mad photography skills.  Love you Shaun 😉 ]  At the Alive LAN we were bombarded by a number of avid PC and PS3 gamers (and even those who just came along for the ride).  We had a blast and guys were bleak to go when time was up.  What a blessing to be together as just guys for the night and be able to just be ourselves together.  We laughed, we cried (from laughter – we’re men after all!) and we ate Pizza!  What a treat!  We managed to secure lack of sleep as our accomplishment, but the guys all had a sick time together which won’t easily be forgotten!

Alive Leaders Planning

On Friday, our Alive Leaders had their term planning where we discussed the way forward for the Youth Ministry of SBC.  The guys are now re-energised for the term ahead, ready to take on the many obstacles in our way and introduce our friends and families to Jesus through the relationships we build with them on Alive Nights and during the week at home and school.

Blue and/or Red Party – The Amazing Spiderman 2

Following this the Alive guys met us at Hemingways to watch The Amazing Spiderman 2 in 3D- which was pretty epic.  It’s possibly the first 3D movie I’ve watched where I actually enjoyed the 3Dness the whole way through.  This was also a Blue and/or Red party where guys had to dress in Blue and/or Red.  This wasn’t as extravagant as our hat and/or wig party, but we still had a great time together.

Alive Worship Leaders Breakfast

Finally, on Saturday Morning, our Alive Worship Leaders got together for a breakfast to talk about how we are doing in the worship ministry of Alive.  Way more things we are doing well when compared to things we need to work on meant that we left them meeting feeling positive and excited for the weeks ahead!  We thank God for His continuous work in our Youth Ministry and especially in the area of worship.

hike squareOvernight Hike

Finally…  Please get your forms in for the Alive Overnight Hike.  This is happening NEXT weekend and so time is short (You have until the end of this weekend to get your form in).  Furthermore, space is limited and spaces are running out so you need to get your form in ASAP to ensure your space on this epic adventure.  We are heading through to the Assagai Trails where we will be roughing it for the time we are there.  It is a crazy time of insane madness [when I say this I mean it is going to be absolutely fabulistic].  SO, make sure you come along to this one.  If you cannot afford to come along to this one, please let us know, we will make a plan.  If you need more info, click the picture which will link to the Facebook event page.


Don’t forget — it’s Mother’s Day this Sunday.  Make sure you spoil your moms – after all, they deserve it!  Bring them along to any of the services on Sunday.  There is a surprise awaiting them!

If you need any more info, please don’t hesitate to give us call – 043 735 2340, or by email:


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