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Alive! MC interview-off!

Interviews? Yes, Interviews! ‘But Interviews aren’t fun, on the contrary, they are actually quite boring!’ you would say, with which I would quite wittingly reply : ‘Ah, yes, well, that may be the case! But we aren’t just any normal interviewers…’ That’s right! The last two weeks have flown by, leaving us with only our […]

Alive! by the grace of God

Equanimity. Have you ever heard of it? Simply put, it’s being calm and composed even in a difficult situation In the last few weeks, we really got the chance to practice equanimity as we followed time on it’s journey through Holiday Club and Mission Trip. ‘Why is that?’ you may ask! Don’t get me wrong, it’s […]

BOOM! Alive Extreme Week

This is ALIVE EXTREME WEEK We had a crazy week of fun filled counter-cultural community building activities that the Alive guys and girls enjoyed throughout this strange and obscure school holiday week. Geocaching Tuesday was meant to be “Invade the Beach” day where we were going to head to the beach, set up a sound system to […]