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Hike-O-Mania – Yes, we nearly died!

IMG_9554This weekend marked another adventure with our Alive Guys and Girls!  We travelled out to Assegaai Trails where we spent our time there out in nature or together back at base camp.  It poured with rain on the way out there and when we started our first day’s hike, we encountered IMG_9570another downpour to which we all huddled under a tree to protect ourselves from the unpredictable elements.  But that did not stop us – to the question of whether we should turn back or not, we replied — ONWARD TOWARDS THE GOAL!  And so we plodded along the path to our destiny.

IMG_9650Along the way we encountered many interesting things like a dung beetle (perhaps another beetle, but I thought it looked like the dung kind), to a cow that had rage issues (seriously should have taken an audio clip of that thing), to uphills, downhills, streams, mud, getting lost, and Shaun, not knowing his left from his right.  Overall, we had a blast and IMG_9593were ready for some “chilled” time when we got back (it got really cold).  We played some board games, one of which was “Whizz Bing Bang”, which caused some tension due to cheating or disagreement with the way that people turned around cards (who knew we were so competitive).  We made a great fire, so great that we managed to put wood that had been soaking up the rain all day into the fire, to which it got disintegrated with “the rest of the fire” materials!  Slowly people IMG_9629fizzled off to bed as they could no longer keep their heavy eyes from shutting under the weight of the thought of the following day’s hike (people were tired).

And so we awoke on Sunday Morning to the beautiful sound of bells in the distance (well, the sound of me outside their rooms shouting “WAKE UP” whileringing a bell so loudly that I went deaf (I got better).  The guys had 30 mins to eat breakfast before we headed out on the adventure for the day.  We walked in the opposite direction to day 1 IMG_9724and headed towards a river so we could go swim (secretly I was like, “I’m not getting in that cold leech infested water”).  So on the way there, we stopped at a dam to which some of the boys jumped on a barge-crossing and pulled themselves across the dam.  Upon reaching the other side, I proceeded IMG_9818to inform them that we were continuing on our journey and that they need to bring the barge back to our side of the dam.  We began to walk away to stress the urgency of the matter and so they rushed back only to be confronted by the platform to get out that was close to twice as tall as them.  As we looked back at them, we all had a good laugh watching them struggle to get out.  And so we continued on our journey.  The rest of the group had gone on ahead and tIMG_9828hose of us who were left behind got lost.  Eventually, with my brilliant navigational skills, we found our way back to the path of righteousness (oops, IMG_9787Christian cliché) and made our way down to the river where some of the guys jumped in the water.  Some challenges were made and so Loyiso and I were “convinced” to get into the lovely lukewarm bath water (it was so warm that my skin began to burn).  Once again the group that didn’t get in the water decided to continue IMG_9751on their journey and in an effort to catch up with them, Sarah proceeded to dive into the floor and get a lovely large thorn carved into her hand.  And so we continued, attempting to find the first aid kit,
to notice that the team that had gone ahead had gotten lost themselves (everyone laugh at them).  So we did some emergency surgery on Sarah and continued on our return journey to base camp.  We got back and prepped to head home.

It so amazing to be together with people who love the Lord, to have fun and declare that we truly have life in Christ.  And it was so good to be together with this specific group of people.  What an adventure, what a laugh!  Until next time!


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