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Oh wow…it’s already December!

IMG_1775Needless to say, time has sped forward without giving us a chance to breathe, and it’s already December! It’s been a crazy two months since last your eyes were able to feast upon the epicness of this blog. Alas! Behold the sustenance!

Join me as we travel back into time and space, to the 24th night of October.


I think this guy (Mason) literally finished all our ginger beer…

That’s right! At Alive we decided to host our very own Octoberfest!  We spent the night funnelling ginger beer down the throats of teenagers, and there was even an inflatable boxing ring! (The boxing gloves were huge and smelled like two sumo wrestlers were having a thumb war #funtimes)


‘Twas but half a fortnight later when the 31st night of October was upon us!


No, we didn’t steal these trolleys from Spar… Why would you think that?

Halloween seems to be rising up in South Africa, so we thought to ourselves :

‘Why don’t we do our own awesome thing for Halloween?’

And that’s exactly what we did! We turned something that Satan is using for evil in the world and turned it into something where God can get the glory.  We took our youth into Stirling and Nahoon, knocking on people’s doors asking for donations of non-perishable food, clothes and blankets. (We will be using these to help the needy in an iServe in Term 1 of 2015)


Shaun is still better looking than all these foreign chaps. #fact

So we were invaded by a bunch of foreigners! Namely, an American (Nick), an Australian (Simon), an Austrian (Claudio) and a guy (Danie) from Wellington (wherever that is). We fed them some boiled chicken feet and koeksisters, and heard two amazing testimonies!

and then a totally awesome SURF DAY with the CHRISTIAN SURFERS. 

These awesome guys joined us for a great day of surfing, skateboarding and a movie called Beyond Sight.

…and then lastly The last Alive of the year!IMG_1819

We got hold of a big inflatable soccer arena and set that up in the parking lot and we let a bunch of younglings kick the shins off each other. Injuries were had, but the fun was had greater!

A great end to a great year!

And that’s it for 2014!

Be sure to check out Stirling Baptist Church on facebook to see what events are coming up for the rest of the year!

God has done an amazing work in Alive this year; from great changes to crazy events, from Friday nights to Sunday nights, from awesome camps to chill nights at people’s houses!

Please keep our teenagers in your prayers as 90 of them will be heading out to Summer Camp from the 5-9 January.  God is going to work in their lives and so pray that they are responsive to what He has to say to them.

Have a great Christmas and a blessed New Year!


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