Small Groups

Join small groups meeting in homes across our city once a week to discuss the Scriptures, share needs, pray for one another and have fun!

Small groups are a key part of community at SBC and we encourage everyone to get involved in one as soon as possible. Feel free to visit a few to see where you feel most comfortable and which is most conveniently situated for you.

Contact the Church Office on 043 735 2340 or email – the staff will point you in the right direction, introduce you to the small group leaders or answer any question you may have about small groups at SBC.

General Groups

These groups are quite diverse in nature and meet in homes across the city.

Ladies Group

The ladies group is a study group geared specifically towards women.

Moms Group

This group is for mom’s with babies and young children who meet during the morning.

Youth Groups

This group caters towards Gr-12 scholars.

Young Adults Groups

This group caters towards ages 18-35.