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“This term (term 3) we begin what has affectionately been called “The Shift”. We strive to remain age appropriate and find that the children in the older categories of our ministries often outgrow the program and teachings offered. We recognise that those we minister to in NextGen mature at different rates and as such we begin the process of the shift this term with the eventual outcome that in Term 4, everyone would have permanently migrated to the older age groups.

In January, there is a lot of change for everybody – new classes, schools, grades, subjects, etc. and the shift provides a unique opportunity to establish new relationship before these massive changes in your child’s life. The shift happens as follows:

Grade 5’s shift to Crossover (19h00 – 21h15) (Ian)
Grade 7’s shift to Alive Nights (19h00 – 21h30) (Dane)

Grade R’s shift to Chil Church (SBC Hall) (Nicky)
Grade 5’s shift to Extreme (Mini Hall) (Ian)
Grade 7’s shift to Church (most teens attend the 18h00 service) (Dane)

Please won’t you save the date for our Shift Celebration Service (15 October) as we officially dedicate these age groups to the next exciting phase of their lives.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further queries at 043 735 2340.

Love you and your kids!
NextGen Team”


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