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Youth Ministry 2016 – God Is Going To Reveal Great Things!

2016 is upon us like a toddler with their first experience of chocolate cake.  We are ready and expectant to see what God has in store for our high school students in our youth ministry this year.  We have discovered that the greatest faith catalysts in this generation is when they personally experience God at work and so we will be praying lots, and creating opportunities for our young people to connect with God and see Him work in their lives.  This includes things like short mission and iServes.

Some things to take note of for this year.

IMG_2309Alive Nights happen every Friday from 19h00 – 21h30.  Anyone who is in high school or aged 13-19 is welcome to come along and chill with us.  It’s a great evening for anyone who is exploring their faith, or just wants to hang out with friends in a safe non threatening environment.

Connect Groups are a great way to grow deeper in your walk with God and we encourage every believer to be involved in one.  It’s so important as believers to be plugged into community with other believers for personal growth and discipleship.  There is no better place for this than in our Connect Groups.  They are running almost every day of the week and you can find out more about it here.

442Retreats – we have a dream to have a separate guy and girl getaway this year so we we can sew into the lives of our students specifically to their gender.  This would be a fantastic place to challenge stereotypes and teach our students God’s definition of being Man or Woman.

Last year we ran our SBC retreat during the winter holidays and found that it was a tremendous success and so we are looking to keep our Youth Retreat during this period.  It will be R600 for the 4 days including all food and accommodation and if not that, the spiritual input will be well worth it.  So start saving now to make sure you can attend.  The dates will be 12 – 15 July so let your parents know so that plans can be made accordingly.  Would would not want you to miss this one.

Summer Camp will run sometime in the first two weeks of December, there are no formalised dates yet, but will let you know as soon as more info is available.12374749_1224885910861177_3586841045499090563_o

– If you would like to get involved in serving at SBC, here are some areas to look at.  We need help on our leadership team which primarily serves on Friday nights.  They are passionate about building relationships with the students that attend and invite them to come along to Connect Groups.

If you have any gifting musically, you could also serve in the Youth Worship Ministry.  We are never to full and we are especially in need of musicians this year.  So please chat to Dane if you would like to get involved.

Baptism – the next baptismal class will be on 5 February.  If you have given your life to Jesus, and have not yet been baptised, why not take the plunge and come to the baptismal class.

If you are ever in need of anything, please contact the church office and ask for Dane or Kerri.  They are always happy to listen.


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